Good news in strange times

Some announcements!

1) First, I'm fine. Nibs and I are back in Vermont, and probably will be for a while. It's weird, after spending so much time traveling, to be really, viscerally stuck in place for a while, but I'm coping. Mud season (a real thing here) is slowly giving way to spring. The frogs in my mom's pond are kicking up a racket, the maple sap trucks have stopped tearing up the dirt road, and garlic and lily are starting to shoot up from the garden. It all helps to distract from the anxiety that's continuously gnawing on my brain. 

2) I'm teaching a horror writing workshop to benefit Argo Bookshop on Thursday, 4/9, from 7-9 EST. It's $20 to participate, but I asked them to save a couple spots for folks that can't afford that. 

3) Publishing announced that they're publishing a sequel to FINNA! YAY. 

4) I'm giving away a copy of Queens of Noise by Leigh Harlen, one of the novella series being published by the wonderful queer micropress Neon Hemlock. Plot synopsis:

In Queens of Noise, Mixi fronts the Mangy Rats, a motley found family of queers, crust punks and werecoyotes. Mixi and their band know they’re gonna win the Battle of the Bands final showdown, no matter what it takes. But to make that happen, they’ll also have to contend with poser goths, murderous chickens, and a bullshit corporate takeover ruining the best bar in town.

If that doesn't sell you, here's my blurb: "A queercore dirtbag ballad with sharp teeth and a soft heart." It's a super fun, sweet, punk af read. 

If you're interested in a free copy of Queens of Noise, comment on this post and tell me what kind of animal shifter you would be, OR what your crustpunk bandname would be. (Obviously, I would be a were-opossum, and my crustpunk band would be called Quixotic Drunk Bastards.)